With the introduction of Self-Assessment, the Inland Revenue now have greater resources than ever before to investigate business Accounts with a view to extracting additional payments of tax.

Such investigations can be a lengthy and worrying distraction for a business, and the un-represented business frequently feels obliged to agree a settlement with the Revenue Authorities on what may well be disadvantageous terms. We have extensive experience of acting on behalf of clients in this area, and will always ensure that the full range of arguments and information which confirm the validity of clients Accounts are vigorously presented to the Inspector of Taxes.

We also have extensive experience of dealing with investigations by Customs & Excise and PAYE audit teams; two areas which again are increasing in prominence.

As well as the worry and distraction of the investigation itself, the businessman is also likely to be concerned about the additional cost of Accountant’s fees for dealing with the investigation. However, we are able to offer Fee Protection Insurance at a very modest cost which provides indemnity cover against our fees for dealing with the investigation on the client’s behalf. The majority of our clients do subscribe to this cover which provides peace of mind at a very modest cost.